Parking Info

Parking is available in the TMD Holdings Garage on Gold Way.

Street Parking is also available for FREE.  DO NOT BLOCK ANY GARAGE DOORS.

Additional parking is available in the North Way Parking lot **On Sundays after 1PM**

Welcome to the
424 Play Factory

Hello and welcome to the 424 Play Factory! We’re thrilled to be your go-to indoor soft play facility for children aged 0-8 years old right here in Pittsburgh, PA. Our mission is to provide a safe and exciting environment where kids can have endless fun, unleash their imagination, and make new friends. We are known as the best destination for kids’ indoor playground perfect for play dates, as well as our epic kids’ birthday parties!

At our facility, you’ll find a wide range of creative activities, amusements, and play areas designed specifically for kids. Here in Pittsburgh, we have created a kid-friendly, indoor “All in One” playground where you can experience fun activities for kids and fun adult activities to enjoy with your family and friends. From imaginative play areas to arts and crafts stations, we’ve curated an environment that encourages exploration, learning, and self-expression. Your little ones will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities that stimulate their creativity and foster their development.

  • At our facility, we believe in the power of play to foster holistic development in children. Our unique bounce houses places and rooms are carefully designed to create an atmosphere where kids can socialize, demonstrate mobility, flexibility, imagination, and creativity, and become more agile. We strive to provide an experience that combines fun with essential life skills.
  • Come and join us at our bounce house facility, where children can unleash their energy, engage with others, and embark on exciting kid-friendly adventures in Pittsburgh. We can’t wait to see your child’s smiling face as they bounce and jump their way to new heights of growth and enjoyment! come to our jump zone!
  • We acknowledge that keeping children active plays an important role in promoting their physical and mental development.
  • We welcome parents, guardians, and nannies to enjoy watching and to interact with their children to develop their skills while playing.
  • We are promoting physical activity and we are encouraging exercise that gives children a learning experience while having fun.
  • We also offer interactive classes and creative activities that are age-appropriate for your children.