Favorite Teddy/Stuffed Animal Tea Party

Each child brings their favorite bear (or stuffed animal) and have tea party.


This is an introductory level tumbling class that incorporates colors, shapes, numbers, and songs. This class will help 3-6 yr olds improve their balance and coordination as they work through an obstacle course set up.

Group Play

Your child will build physical skills learning to listen, socialize, and following directions.

  • Games: Simon Says, Red Light Green Light, Duck Duck Goose, Hokey Pokey, Ring around the Rosey, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle
  • Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, etc.


Intro to Hip Hop and Ballet

Hip Hop mix that keeps the dancer improving quickly and thinking on her feet. All music and choreography is current, tasteful, and age appropriate.

– Beginner classes give students a technical foundation and the basics of Ballet.

Story Time

Focus is on talking, storytelling, and reading which are essential to the development of young minds.

  • learning tools used in Sesame Street

Learning Time

We have learning activities in all shapes and sizes including music, crafts, math toys, animal books, health and fitness, reading games with creative ways to teach colors, shapes and lots more. If it is a fun and educational learning activity for babies and toddlers,

Ex.)Tape Shape Game

  • Use Tape to put a variety of shapes, letters and/or numbers on the floor s
  • Have child stand on their favorite one and give them instructions to follow that will lead them to their next destination (ex. “ bear crawl to the square”, “hop like a frog to the T”, “run to the triangle”) – keeps child moving and helps them learn their shapes, letters and number

Arts and Crafts (Option to put pic above or next to link)

A parent-and-child interactive and age appropriate classes promoting creativity in their kids, through using their hands to form, paint, and/or objects, that allows children to bring their thoughts and ideas into reality.

  • Sensory Art – paint with fingers and brushes! Explore slime, color mixing, glue, clay, magnetism, sound and more! Each week there is a varied selection of sensory-rich, art-themed projects. Sensory Art is a fun and wonderful opportunity to participate in your young child’s artistic exploration and discovery.

Building Blocks Time

Explore with Building Blocks, Identify colors – have a specific item or similar for children to build – Interaction and play with parents, guardians, and nanny’s etc

Open Bounce

Most children and parents are tired by the end of 50 minutes…but are more than welcomed to stay.

Movie Time 

Movie, Time, and Day to be determined based on the schedule for that week.